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About us

Policy Research Center (PRC) – is a research center focusing on various aspects of public policy with the focus on taxation, public finance, development and transition, natural resources and other areas. It also serves as a publishing house and tailored training provider for policy makers and administrators. 

The members and affiliates of the Policy Research Center have extensive experience in research, as well as policy considerations and strategies in different countries and continents, including Latin America, Central Asia, CIS, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. The member and affiliates of PRC have also participated in various policy projects, some of which were sponsored by the World Bank, International Financial Corporation (IFC), USAID, ICTD, JICA, EU, Eurasian Foundation and United Nations.

Policy Consulting & Research page provides an Information about some of the research projects and policy oriented consulting work undertaken in the past by the members and affiliates of the PRC. 

Education and Courses page provides more Information about the policy trainings. 

The proposals for the joint research projects, review and analysis of legislation, requests for the training and other proposal can be directed to office@policyresearchcenter.org