Training for Tanzanian Revenue Authority

Training for the Tanzanian Revenue Authority on taxation of extractive industry (Oi and Gas, mining) with focus on tax administration and tax policy considerations took place on 4-8 January 2016 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. 
The training was composed of the following sessions: 
  • Introduction to the Extractive Industry and its unique features - Oil and Gas (O&G) vs. Mining
  • The Extractive Industry (EI) Business Cycle (O&G vs. Mining) 
  • The EI Business Cycle and Tax Considerations
  • Fiscal Models for the Extractive Industry
  • Fiscal Instruments for Extractive Industry
  • Tanzania’s current fiscal regime 
  • Introduction to Tax Planning, Tax Optimization vs. Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion in Extractive Industry
  • Tax Audit issues in the O&G Industry
  • Extractive Industry and Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs)
  • Extractive Industry and Capital Gains Taxation
  • Taxation of Service Providers to Extractive Industry
The interactive workshop/seminar on selected issues of tax audit, tax policy and extractive industry was held on the 5th day of the training. The workshop was completed by interactive seminar with participation of Tanzanian tax experts and experts on extractive industry.

Materials for participants are available following this link

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