Tax and Development Short Course, Brighton 2015

This course on Taxation and development took place on 26-29 January 2015 in the Institute of Development Studies (IDS),Brighton, the UK.

The course was aimed at a broad, non-technical audience, in particular specialists interested in working on tax matters, and those who have recently started working on tax either marginally or as a core part of their work, as well as people who were active in the broad area of public economics and public finance or working on tax or related issues.

The course was organised by the ICTD, whereas topics covered by the experts of PRC include:
  • International Taxation
  • Extractive Industry Taxation
  • Practical Case studies – Local and property taxation

Selected feedback

The Expert of Policy Research Center, JUDr. Tomas Balco, who delivered the lectures on this course received an excellent feedback, and among other was personally noted for:
  • "A good job explaining technical topic, needed more time"
  • "Extremely informative presentation"
  • "Deep knowledge and great practical examples"
  • "Technical, but excellent cases"
  • "Very intense and detailed, and extremely relevant, took his time to touch on every critical aspect of international taxation"
  • "He is a guru in his field"
  • "Really good and interesting"
  • "Excellent content and great presentation skills, Tom is very good at communicating complex ideas in a simple way"
  • "Really interesting and Tom transmits his enthusiasm! 
  • "Interesting and well-managed, nice mix of lecture and cases, Tom was enlightening, had enough content for 2 full sessions"
  • "Tom’s level of understanding and passion for the content was inspiring"
  • "Morning excellent, but DTAs should have been shortened, excellent teaching with drawings and discussion of examples"
  • "Tom is great communicator, his knowledge and expertise are enormous, liked the examples"